Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wanton Wednesday #52 - the (Semi-)Naked Now

It's time for Wanton Wednesday! It's been going for a year now, and between that and the next thing I'm going to mention, maybe it's time to kick it up a notch.

One of the people who I've come across since going to Dragon Con works in porn. She's not one of the big names, but she has been pretty sweet to me, and is rather hot for her frame and whatnot. (That's how I consider attractiveness. Though, to be fair, it's about third on my list, behind 1) are they nice, and 2) do they smell good..) She and I have been talking, and she seems to think I might just do well in porn. Now, the jury is still out on this, since I have a lot of things to consider, including what my Lady has to say about it. (She's very protective of all of those in her care, myself included.) So, if she gives the ok, the pictures I'm posting tonight will be part of a kind of starting portfolio. (I need to do more work on my body than a little photoshopping, but one step at a time.)

I'm showing much more than I normally do. I also got to borrow a better camera.

That being said, I figure you guys should know that no, I wasn't born a woman. However, I do live full-time as a woman and, once I've got decent income, I will be getting on hormones, as well as getting hair removal.

(Highlight between here and "That being said" if you really want to know.)

If you want to play along, or just see beautiful human beings on display, check out Wanton Wednesday!

Ok.. on with the show!


  1. Go, Kitten, go! The middle picture is definitely my favorite. I love the saucy pose, and you have the most beautiful smile in it.

  2. I agree, the second pic, you do have a pretty smile! And you know what? I think you'd also look really good with bangs :)

  3. Go you! Lovely to see you sharing pics of yourself (and I love the middle pic the best as well - it's that smile).

    xx Dee