Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late WW photo

Wanton Wednesday passed me by, because I've been distracted.. If you don't follow my twitter or my other blog, Drowsy Ramblings, I finally got a job after being unemployed since October. I'm working part time, overnight at a gas station. In addition to that, apart from the potential porn offer, I'm also doing some work as a cam girl.. I've only worked about 2 days, doing 2.25 hours on cam in private chat (which is how I get paid), and I've already made $26.86.. This is not of the bad!

My late picture is how I looked tonight for the guys.. It's a lot more dramatic than I normally do, but then getting on cam for fellow pervs isn't something I normally do either lol.

I think the official Linky is closed for it, but here's the picture link anyway. Wanton Wednesday rocks!

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