Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trying to get back in the saddle

Hi there, readers! Yes, I'm still alive. Things at work have been flip-flopping around over the past month and a half, but now it seems like they are starting to stabilize again. And, since I've gotten more hours at work and won't have time to post tonight, I will be making my Wanton Wednesday post now, and I'll officially link it tonight, time willing.

You may remember that I have been in transition to living as a woman for some time. (starting and stopping for a few years, mostly due to money issues.) Once again, I have gotten back on hormones, and have been starting to see some results again, with much joy on my part. So, today/tonight, I share my joy (and my boobs) with you.

And see who else is being Wanton, while you're at it. Leave some comment love for them, too!