Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sinful Sunday

Since I'm doing 2 memes on my thoughts blog (Drowsy Ramblings.. check it out!), I think I'll do a second one here, too. I'm already doing Wanton Wednesday, and now Molly's Daily Kiss has given us Sinful Sunday.

So, here is my presentation for it:

Sinful Sunday

 It's my only real sex toy for now. It's mostly for teasing myself. I've only cum once or twice from just a vibrator, and it took a *LOT* of work. But I do enjoy having one around for an extended solo play session.


  1. Hi Kitten

    Thankyou so much for joining in with sinful Sunday. Great picture by the way, you will have to add to your collection and post pictures of them here as you do... LOL


  2. Having it beautifully presented on that chair makes me think of how much fun it would to be sitting, with the vibrator in use!

    xx Dee